Invest in Rady

The Development and External Relations Office advances the Rady School of Management’s mission to educate ethical leaders for innovation-driven organizations through comprehensive and collaborative fundraising and outreach programs.

We have the opportunity to strengthen the Rady School’s impact, both locally and nationally. To date, more than $90 million has been raised for the Rady School. Additional funding from friends and supporters will ensure our continued ability to develop leaders for organizations and industries that are transforming the world, especially in science and technology related fields.

Our students and alumni are both visionaries and guides, seeing the future and then taking others with them on the uncharted pathway to that future. Their confidence in the mission of the Rady School is evident in a strong tradition of class legacy gifts that began with 100 percent participation from the Inaugural Class of 2006. They raised $260,000 to help fund construction of the Rady School campus complex.